Deeply rooted in the local creative landscape, our founders and residents were once emerging DJs. We formed a close bond during the pandemic and recognized opportunities to create fresh experiences within the local creative ecosystem. Our sonic vision is collectively shaped by our current residents, each of whom approaches music with their own personality and charms.

Viet Anh

Emerging as a scene mover, Viet Anh’s name is intricately woven into the fabric of Hanoi’s local landscape, a testament to his pivotal roles within collectives like Studio Adventure, Liên Hoan, and his current standing as a cornerstone of Unmute. Viet Anh’s journey is intimately intertwined with local development and influence, leaving behind a trail of impact that reverberates through his personal sphere and the auditory landscape he calls home.

In a landscape where music discovery is becoming increasingly fragmented and often guided by algorithms, those who rise above the surface and possess a keen sensitivity to sonic nuances are truly a rare breed. Viet Anh is known for curating sets that are both enveloping and immersive, adorned with absorbing dub-infused, percussive soundscapes, all punctuated by delightful surprises. His unique blend of personality and finely tuned ear for depth nurtures a warm, inviting aura, generously providing the audience with ample space to explore and move freely across a rich sonic spectrum.

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Anh Vy

Anh Vy is one of the youngest DJs in Vietnam, a resident of Saigon clubbing mecca The Observatory and the recent addition to the Atipik Collective. Praised for his musical versatility & flexibility as a DJ, Anh Vy has proven himself to be a promising piece of Vietnam’s evolving underground scene. His taste ranges from rare disco and tropical grooves to darker depths of house and techno.


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Lam Dao

Originating from Hanoi, Lam Dao stands out as a unique DJ recognized for his storytelling musical style within his sets, coupled with an engaging energy. Effortlessly navigating the depths of house and techno, his performances emanate a benevolent and open-hearted warmth. Despite a relatively brief journey, his path has been distinguished by unwavering dedication and swift development, infusing the community with a revitalizing wave of positivity through his DJ performances. Lam Dao’s enduring ardor becomes a present to fellow music aficionados, cultivating an immersive atmosphere that deeply resonates with those who share a profound love for music.


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Hailing from Serbia, Dusan through his authentic voice and organic soundscape, has become a cornerstone of Vietnam’s burgeoning underground scene, inspiring countless emerging talents, including us here at Unmute. His magnetic track selections and adaptability to different spaces craft a journey like no other, and at the core, he represents what we like on our dance floor

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